Nokia Lumia 530, UK SIM-Free Smartphone

The Lumia 530 may have been replaced by Microsoft’s Lumia 535, but the last entry-level Nokia phone is by far the superior handset.

What’s more, it’s now one of the cheapest Windows phones you can by, making it an excellent bargain. At just £60 SIM-free or £40 on O2’s Pay & Go, the Lumia 530 is both cheaper than its predecessor and less than the Lumia 630, which until now was Nokia’s most wallet-friendly Windows Phone 8.1 device.

It’s incredibly well-built for a £60 phone, but Nokia’s build quality has always been high across the entire Lumia range.

At 11.7mm thick, it’s relatively chunky, but its smooth, rounded corners are very comfortable to hold. It feels much tougher than your average budget handset, too, and its range of eye-popping cases make a refreshing change from the usual black and grey handsets that usually populate this end of the market.

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