motorola moto g7 Power 6.2-Inch Android 9.0 Pie UK Sim-Free ..

One of four Moto G7 models, the Power is a slightly cut-down offering with a 5000mAh battery that lasts a solid 60 hours of use. Here’s our full review.

For some reason, Motorola thought it would be a brilliant idea to launch four models of the G7. And maybe, if you’re the sort of person who carefully researches your purchases before you buy – the kind who reads these reviews – then it’s probably not a big deal. For everyone else, it’s just too confusing.

Here we’re looking at the G7 Power, the model with the 5000mAh battery. Motorola says it lasts for 60 hours, better known as 2.5 days. And it really does.

To see how the four models differ, read our comparison of the G7 vs Power vs Plus vs Play

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